Data, Design and Society

Ewan Klein, Cat Magill

20 January 2016

Design Thinking and Data

Just Writing

Today’s Prompts

5 mins today!

  1. Which do I prefer: talking or listening?

  2. What makes a team work well?

Cat: Design Thinking in Practice




  1. Exchange contact details!
  2. See (1)

Team exercise

What is data?

  1. Start in teams
  2. Each person has 5 mins to talk to two other people not in their team:
    • What data can you find out about food in Edinburgh from the person you are talking to?
    • You’ll need to phrase your question appropriately
    • Record your findings
  3. Share results with other members of the team
  4. Each team feeds back answer to “What is data?” to whole class

What is data?

Cat: Data in the field

Team Tasks


  1. Reducing wastage of food served in Pollock Halls Dining Hall
  2. Reducing packaging waste at any point in the production and consumption of food on campus.
  3. Increasing the rate at which students select healthy / sustainable food options, either on campus, or off campus; and with either prepared food or raw ingredients.

Between Now and Friday

  1. Pick a sub-theme.
    • If you pick Sub-Theme (3), agree which variant
    • If you pick Sub-Theme (1), also pick a 2nd choice
  2. Compare schedules — what blocks of time can you find together next week?