Data, Design and Society

Ewan Klein, Alyssa Alcorn

3 February 2016

Just Writing

Today’s Prompts

  1. What’s the most important next step for my DDS project?
  2. What was hardest for me during the Fast Hack?

Taking Stock

Double Diamond

Planning Together


  • What are the key questions that you will address?
  • How robust and complete is the information that you have so far?
  • What data do you still need to collect?
  • What existing datasets can you use?
  • How are you going to test your ideas?


  • Consider using a collaborative planning tool like Trello
  • Agree on priority tasks
  • Set due dates
  • Assign tasks to individuals
  • Monitor and review progress at regular intervals


Listening Again

  • Each person in group speaks for 1 minute
    • How I’m feeling today
    • What’s the next step for our team
  • Just listen without interrupting
  • Good practice for working with Focus Groups next week!


JupyterHub & IPython

  • Experimental service for interactive computing
  • Login steps are a bit complicated still; should be simpler soon.
  1. Login with EASE
  2. Current landing page: select My Server
  3. Navigation: dds-notebooks > notebooks
  4. Select what_is_data.ipynb

Architecture Overview

  • You login to your own directory space on the server
  • You can make changes to your own copy of an existing notebook
  • In order to keep your changes, copy the notebook and save under a new name
  • You can create new notebooks, and download them to your own computer

Preparing for Focus Groups