Data, Design and Society

Ewan Klein

11 March 2016

Just Writing

Today’s Prompts

  1. My DDS team is …
  2. The ‘unique selling point’ of our DDS project is …

Final Phase of DDS


  • Tell a clear, convincing, easy-to-understand story about how your proof-of-concept design idea has the potential to solve your DDS problem.
  • Analyse and make sense of the data you already have
    • through qualitative description, statistics, visualisations, connection to policy documents and other data sets, etc

Next week:‘design critiques’

  • Each team briefly presents some findings, data, proposals to rest of class
  • Not expected to be ‘finished’
  • Opportunity for everyone to contribute ideas, questions, suggestions
  • Change from syllabus: distribute presentations over both Wednesday and Friday

Next week

  • Also briefing on Final Presentations and Final Reports