Data, Design and Society

Ewan Klein

25 March 2016

Just Writing

Today’s Prompts

  1. What is distinctive about my ‘personal brand’ and how do I strengthen it?
  2. Transformation: individual? social? material?

Individual Report (Coursework R2)


  • Deadline: Submit on Learn by 16:00 Friday 1 April
  • 2,500 – 3,000 words
  • Use the section headings in the guidance
  • Take note of different marks available for each section
  • Read the guide to how it will be assessed

Wrap Up

Making Things Public

  • New DDS Projects page
    • Teams
    • Slides
    • Images

Making an Impact

  • SRS: Alexis has asked for 1-page ‘executive summary’ of each project — to help argue for real change
    • Please agree on someone in your team to do this, and let me know who
    • Structure can be similar to R2
    • I’m happy to help with writing these


  • Audit all the data you collected: file names, data format, when collected. brief description of contents
  • Record this in a ‘README’ (plaintext) file
  • Put the README file and all data files into your team’s folder on DataStore
  • It’s probable that some of your — de-identified — datasets will be made public

Feedback from You

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