Spring 2016

Student Projects

The DDS teams gave presentations on their projects on 23 March 2016. You can read all about the event in Data, Design and Society — Final Presentions by Nicola Osborne.

Team 1: Meal Deals

Team Members
  • Jane Crumlish (Coordinator)
  • Geoffrey Baugh
  • Eunsun Cho
  • Thomas Zwagerman
Project Slides

Team 2: Food Hub

Team Members
  • Jack Hutchcroft (Coordinator)
  • Susan Henderson
  • Nikita Krahenbuhl
  • Morgane Sepot
  • Annie Zhang
Project Slides

Team 3: The RA Connection

Team Members
  • Fidra Sym (Coordinator)
  • Cayenne Kjerland
  • Hamza Latif
  • Rory McClish
  • Minhui Xu
Project Slides

Team 4: Pimp My Pollock

Team Members
  • Mitch Peterson (Coordinator)
  • Luca Forni
  • David Mynors
  • Michelle Wong
Project Slides

Team 5: Trayless Dining

Team Members
  • Julia Joseph (Coordinator)
  • Isy Introna
  • Luke Fletcher
  • Helena McElroy
Project Slides Project Website

Team 6: Save the Cups!

At the University of Edinburgh, an estimated 1 million coffee cups are going to landfill every year: a staggering number. In our project, we looked for ways to reduce the amount of waste caused this way. We decided to design posters that would boost the University’s current Keepcup scheme –– if you bring a University of Edinburgh-branded Keepcup to one of the University Cafés, you receive a 20p discount on your coffee. Read More >

Team Members
  • Paul Hofma (Coordinator)
  • Chloe Austin
  • Qinqin Xu
  • Anna Zorinmawii
Project Slides

Save the Cups PD Workshop 1 Save the Cups PD Workshop 2

Save the Cups Final Poster

Team 7: Good Eats

Team Members
  • Madison Weigand (Coordinator)
  • Madeleine Boyle
  • Akshay Chandiramani
  • Ajda Remškar
Project Slides