Data, Design and Society

Ewan Klein

26 February 2016

Just Writing

Today’s Prompts

  1. My DDS problem has many unique aspects. Yet they are special cases of …
  2. Oil prices have suddenly sky-rocketed. Tickets for even budget airlines are now above £1,000. This is going to impact me over the next 12 months because …

Finding More Data


Additional data can be useful for two main reasons:

  1. It contributes directly to the analysis of your DDS problem
  2. It provides context for your DDS problem


Relevant datasets aren’t always immediately available. You need to be a detective:

  • Think laterally
  • Do research on the web
  • Be dogged and persistent

Jupyter / IPython


Jupyter Notebooks are a great tool for research, since they allow you to combine text, data and code. Lots of people use them! See A gallery of interesting IPython Notebooks


  • One big hassle is installing the software on your own computer.
  • Learning by Doing


  • Start off with playing_with_python.