Using Jupyter

Logging on to JupyterHub

The University is running a multiuser Jupyter Notebook server as a trial. The framework for this service is called JupyterHub.

To log in to the JupyterHub server, point your browser at You will initially be required to authenticate via EASE using your University user name and password. Under the current configuration, you will (probably) get to a page that looks like this:

Jupyter login page

We’re trying to get a better landing page up — real soon now. Anyway, select the My Server button, and you should get a page like this:

Jupyter next page

Now select dds-notebooks, and on the following page select notebooks. The next page should look like this:


Note the Upload button at top right corner. This allows you to upload files (e.g. datasets) to your JupyterHub directory.

A Bit More

The notebook interface is fairly straightforward. But here’s a video that might help give more information: Notebooks and Cells - IPython Notebook Tutorial