Assessment Overview

Assessment for the course will be based entirely on coursework and a group oral presentation. There are no exams.

You will be assessed on two pieces of work. The main assignment (R2) will be a personal report which will describe the team project that you have carried out, what your personal contribution was to the project, your goals and your conclusions. The second assessed assignment (GP2) will be a group presentation of your team's project.

There will also be two assignments earlier in the semester, again consisting of a personal report (R1) and a group presentation (GP1). However, these will not contribute to the overall grade for the course. Instead, they will be an opportunity for you to receive feedback and 'feed-forward' in preparation for the assessed coursework.

Overview of Assignments
WeekAssignmentDeadlineAssessment TypeWeight
3GP110:00–12:00, Friday 29 Jan 2016Group Presentation0%
5R116:00, Monday 8 Feb 2016Individual Report0%
11GP210:00–12:00, Wednesday 23 March 2016Group Presentation25%
12R216:00, Friday 1 April 2016Individual Report75%

Your assignments will be assessed relative to the course Learning Outcomes.

Academic Good Practice

The University has a useful guide on academic good practice, and in particular on referencing and avoiding plagiarism.

You should also make yourself aware of the University requirements for all assessed work for credit. Details about this can be found at the following links:

Furthermore, you are required to take reasonable measures to protect your assessed work from unauthorised access. For example, if you put any such work on a public repository then you must set access permissions appropriately (generally permitting access only to yourself, or your group in the case of group practicals).