Course Times and Locations

All class meetings will take place in 7 Bristo Square (building next to Potterow). We will be based in Room 1.203. However, this room will be undergoing refurbishment in the first week of semester, so we will have to use two other rooms during that week.

Class meeting times
Class Locations
Wednesday, 13th January 20167 Bristo Square, Lecture Theatre 5
Friday, 15th January 20167 Bristo Square, Lecture Theatre 1
Wednesday, 23rd March 20167 Bristo Square, Lecture Theatre 4 (G.15)
All other class meetings7 Bristo Square, Room 1.203

Course Schedule

Unlike many standard pre-Honours courses at the University, Data, Design and Society (DDS) will be organised around team-based projects. The project work will be broken down into five phases, which are indicated in the table below. The structure of the projects is described in more detail in the Project Overview.

WeekPhaseDateTopicMaterialsDo before


13-Jan-2016Course OverviewSlides 
15-Jan-2016Investigating food issuesSlides
Heeren Slides
Waheed Slides
220-Jan-2016Design thinking in the fieldSlides
Magill Slides
Design Video
Double Diamond overview
22-Jan-2016Research ethicsSlides 

Fast Hack

29-Jan-2016Team presentationsSlides 

Digging Deeper

03-Feb-2016Intro to Data & Focus Groups Slides 1
Slides 2
FG guidance
FG checklist
Moderator guidance
05-Feb-2016Data management with DataStore & team tutorials Slides
Form Templates
DataStore Instructions
510-Feb-2016Preparing for the Slow Hack; ISM and Models of Social ChangeSlides
Journey Slides
12-Feb-2016Focus group findings Slides
FG Analysis Guide
  19-Feb-2016Innovative Learning Week  

Slow Hack

24-Feb-2016Participatory DesignClass PD Activity 
26-Feb-2016Finding and using existing dataSlides 
72-Mar-2016Data VisualisationSlides
Anatomy of a Graphic
4-Mar-2016Tutorials / Data surgeriesSlidesPD Methods
PD Prep Questions
809-Mar-2016Data Visualisation and AdvocacySlidesVisualising Information for Advocacy
11-Mar-2016Tutorials / Data surgeriesSlides 


16-Mar-2016Dry-run presentations, peer feedback  
18-Mar-2016Dry-run presentations, peer feedback  
1023-Mar-2016Final Team Presentations  
25-Mar-2016Briefing on Final ReportSlides