Learning Outcomes

Learning outcomes are a way of spelling out what we hope you will learn as a result of doing this course. They also represent the things that will be important in assessing your coursework. If you are not sure what these learning outcomes are saying, let us know. It's important that we all agree on their meaning.

We've given each learning outcome a short title, to make it easier to cross-refer to them in other parts of the course description.

So here they are:


Identify and apply relevant strategies for data collection and related prototype 'interventions' which address the interests and needs of a specified community of stakeholders.


Interpret and evaluate data in a way that demonstrates its relevance to selected communication and/or policy objectives.


Synthesize and communicate the information from two or more datasets using appropriate analytic, presentation and visualisation techniques.


Demonstrate an ability to work in an interdisciplinary team and to act in a professional manner