Group Presentation

Assignment GP1

This assignment is an in-class group presentation to be made by your team. Each team member should participate actively in both the preparation and the presentation itself. The presentation should last 12 minutes, so please rehearse in advance and make sure you don’t go over time.

The presentation should address three questions, using as many forms of information as you can reasonably collect during the Fast Hack:

  1. What is the existing situation in the University as regards to your Food and Sustainability sub-theme? Where are we starting from — what is happening (or not happening) right now?

  2. What are some of the specific Food and Sustainability problems you might be able to address within this sub-theme?

  3. What are some possible interventions for changing the existing situation into a preferred one (i.e. improving some aspect of food-related sustainability)?

In the presentation, your team needs to be able to explain what data and other information you collected or found, what kind of information it is, and how the answers to your three questions (current state, possible problems, possible interventions) are based on your Fast Hack information. Be ready to explain how, where, and when you collected this information.

You are encouraged to make your presentations visual—use photos, drawings, videos, animations, graphs, maps, etc. to help communicate about the information you collected, and your design ideas.