DDS Form Templates

Focus Groups

Templates for download

Instructions for Using the Templates

Each team will need to modify the templates for Focus Group information forms and consent forms with information that is appropriate for their project and team. The templates were created in Microsoft Word, but also should display correctly in OpenOffice. Places where you need to fill in information are highlighted on the template document, to make them easy to find. In most places, you will be filling in numbers, phrases, or a few sentences of description. If you have trouble opening or using the templates, please contact Alyssa.

You are welcome to revise/re-word other parts of the information form, but if you have not created consent paperwork before you are strongly advised to keep these revisions small, lest you delete important information. Other than the highlighted areas, please do not change the consent form.

After you have added any project / team information and made other revisions, the information form should not be longer than one double-sided A4 page. This is the limit of what people will read for a simple, non-medical study! If necessary, please shorten your additions, rather than cheating by making the font size smaller.

When you are done, check to make sure you filled in everything, have done a spell-check, etc. You are also strongly advised to have someone outwith your team check over the forms to make sure they make sense!

Printing forms: for the focus group itself, each participant will need 1 copy of the information form (theirs to keep), and 2 copies of the consent form (1 for participant, 1 for team).

Later in the term, each team will need to create their own forms for an additional design activity with stakeholders. You are welcome to use these templates as a starting point. If you need to, please ask questions about why certain information has been included — or not — rather than guessing about what to include in the future.